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SFi (Asian Family Impact Summit)

How Capital Meets Purpose 2024


Anthony Huang (STOIC Foundation) with Tsun K. Chen (HKGFA) at One World Summit 2024
Anthony Huang (STOIC Foundation) at SFi Summit, How Capital Meets Purpose, 2024.

22nd May 2024-

SFi (Asian Family Impact Summit), How Capital Meets Purpose 2024.

For me it was seriously impactful, as I was always skeptial of how much Family Offices understood about Climate Change, and HOW to deploy capital to create an impact.

HOW wrong was I, Hong Kong Families have solid knowledge base of Climate Change and glad that the conference skipped topics such as Sustainable Finance etc

Kudos to SFi 

#impactinvestment #SustainableFinanceInitiative #Climatechange #familyoffices


One World Summit 2024
SFI, Asian Family Impact Summit, How Capital Meets Purpose, 2024.


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